Chandra R. Ware


With over 15 years of full time professional Real Estate experience in both Texas and the Los Angeles area, I have seen the highs and lows of the market. You need an experienced agent who is ready to magnify your property. Anything less than that could be your biggest mistake you ever made…The tools I bring to the table are unparallelled. I look beyond the scope of just the listing. Marketing, negotiating, follow through on the contract, renegotiate after the inspections, settlement and move out. Experience counts. Anything less would just be wrong…Bringing out the best of what your property has to offer is the strength of what I do best. Making it be the most exciting opportunity for a buyer is a natural for me because I love what I do…Each morning I wake up and set that standard for myself. No one has ever been drawn to something without enthusiasm. A home should be no different… As a resident of Houston since 2006 I have watched the city of Houston grow. I believe that this is one of the best cities in the world, as a matter of fact I know it is the best city in the world. With that in mind I know how to sell Houston Texas and California because I believe in them. If there is Home owner assistance out there I leave no stone unturned to locate it for my clients be it Down payment Assistance or Unconventional Financing for both Homeowners and Investors. With a dedication to my clients and giving them the best information possible you will be able to make sound decisions on all your real estate transactions. No Broker/Agent is more committed and determined to giving you the best service possible. Who will be your real estate agent..? Experienced, Knowledge, Informed, Respected, Trusted, Call me? You will be glad you did!


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When we help buy or sell your home, you’ll have a team of professional real estate consultants by your side. We have a dedicated marketing director to stay on top of every detail of the marketing process so our agents can help give 100% dedication to the sales process.

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